About Physio Genius

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Our physiotherapy philosophy

Following a diagnosis from your referring doctor, you will undergo a physiotherapy examination to document your issues and movement problems in detail. We will then employ an individual combination of treatment techniques, which will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

At Physio Genius, we work with our patients to restore optimal movement and reduce pain as quickly as possible. We strive to establish long-term bodily well-being by restoring the balance between strength and mobility in the muscular system.

We use the latest technical equipment and training stations to support our physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy – Meilen – Physio Genius

Karin Krebs

Certified physiotherapist

Degree from Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede (Netherlands) with many years of experience working in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Further training in sports physiotherapy, trigger points, Cyriax technique, the Maitland concept and Pilates. Specialist in sports physiotherapy, post-operative rehabilitation, shoulder, neck and back rehabilitation, knee and hip problems and Pilates.


Languages: German/English/Italian/French/Dutch

Physiotherapy – Meilen – Physio Genius

Laura Pfeifer

Certified physiotherapist

University of Applied Sciences for Physiotherapy in Kempten (DE) with several years of professional experience in D and CH. Further training in sports physiotherapy, craniomandibular dysfunctions and manual therapy as well as kinesiotaping.

In further training to become an osteopath.


Languages: German/English